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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Another 45 minute warning?

The way in which British politicians lean over backwards to endorse the Washington Tel Aviv warmongering rhetoric in respect of Iran is nauseating. This time, Cameron uses the Blair technique of creating a non existent "threat" to create an illusion of "clear and present danger" of an attack on London. Presumably the "missiles" could arrive in 45 minutes. It has always been the tool of political systems seeking to control the population, to create an atmosphere of fear and concern among the people. Blair lied on Iraq, but many people believed him with tragic results. Cameron is now resorting to the same discredited tactics. Create a myth, repeat it often enough and people will accept it as truth. No Cameron. If you and Washington and or Tel Aviv are determined to attack Iran on non existent "evidence" you will do so on your own heads. Do not expect support or consent from me or thousands of people like me, for your evil and barbaric actions.