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Saturday, 10 March 2012

EDF to pay £50 to some households conned in cold-call scandal


This could only happen in "Rip Off" Britain. With stunning arrogance, a foreign owned privatised company, raking in millions of £'s in profits condescends to pay £50 to some of its customers as "compensation". Some, mind you, not all. A patronising insult to those who receive this "hand out" as well as those who do not. Moreover, who does Ofgem and Energy Secretary Ed Davey think will ultimately pay for this compensation? As usual, there will be an element of recovery of this cost in the next round of price increases and the consumer will pay the price. No matter what lip service Ofgem and the Government may give to beefing up the regulatory powers, the fact remains that this, and the other power suppliers are private companies and are second only to the Banks in the way in which their customers are treated in their greed driven quest for bigger and bigger profits.