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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Not only outrageous, but criminal.

Father refused cancer drug

This case is outrageous, but unfortunately is not unique in this present age of cuts, targets, economic benefits, cost effectiveness etc etc. Having had some experience (albeit not to the same severity as Glen Cunningham) of NICE and its "Guidelines", it is appalling that a medical decision is based solely on "cost". No matter what their Website may say Nice is a top heavy, jobs for the boys organisation,populated by accountants, bureaucrats, and gravy train executives, sparsely sprinkled with a few "medical professionals" making medical decisions based on economics rather than medical necessity and Health PCT's the other arm of this sorry tale, are only too keen to hide behind NICE in order to meet their budgets. We can find money for all sorts of expenditure (of our money) which many would argue should not even be on the list for Government funds and yet we deny drugs and treatment for people in medical need. Not only outrageous, but criminal.