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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A one way one sided Agreement.


Leaving aside the question of guilt or innocence Richard O’Dwyer should be tried in the UK in any case, the real issue is a simple one.We have in existence a "one way, one sided" extradition Agreement with the USA and our Home Secretaries of whatever party and the Governments of the day will always comply with American requests for extradition of UK nationals.The instructions from Washington, usually contain some threat, implied or otherwise, that not to comply would result in an American "reassessment" of their providing information, or intelligence data or cooperation in some field or other inducement to grant the "request". The rights and interests of the UK citizen concerned are, of course, secondary to the "National Interest" and the victim of this objectionable Agreement is on the next plane to Washington, clothed in an orange jump suit and manacled to an FBI agent. We however would never be able to extradite a US citizen as the US never extradites any US national anywhere.