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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ashdown: Defending the indefensible.

 Paddy Ashdown Tells Lib Dems It Would Be 'Crazy' To End Coalition Early

Ashdown and Alan Beith contested the first leadership election in 1988, which Ashdown won by a substantial margin. Asked why he thought that Beith had been so heavily defeated and why he and many other Liberal Democrat MP's had voted for Ashdown, a leading Liberal MP at the time responded, "We can put sense into the man with charisma, but not charisma into the man with sense".
It seems that after some years of sitting on the red leather benches in the House of Lords, the charisma has melted away, and whatever "sense" the Liberal Democrats may have managed to put into the former member for Yeovil, it has been replaced by a rather confused view of reality. His comments and observations in recent years, has culminated over the past two weeks with his "bad night for Britain" comments following the House of Commons vote on the rejection of intervention in the Syrian civil war, and his continuing defence of Nick Clegg and his leadership of the Liberal democrats and their roles in the ConDem coalition.
The fact is that the Liberal Democrats under Clegg and their and their abandonment of principle in pursuit of a few seats around Cameron's cabinet table, have become a side show in British politics.
Ashdown has become a sideshow of a sideshow. No one listens and no one cares as the Liberal Democrats are,as a direct result of Clegg's leadership, a discredited band of opportunists and  in all probability, are destined to be consigned into political oblivion at the next general election.