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Saturday, 21 September 2013

The energy suppliers cartel prepare to announce big price increases, again.

Energy firms expected to increase prices by 8%



The energy company cartel preparing everyone for their usual autumn round of extortionate price increases. This time they find another "reason" for ripping off the consumer by blaming "increased cost of environmental levies" as justification. Not content with "selling" energy to themselves through a myriad of different companies with the same ultimate "owner" (thinking that we have not noticed) and then blaming their suppliers for price increases, they now resort to a nebulous concept of environmental levies to defend their avarice.
Privatisation may have been good for the companies,and ultimately for the institutional shareholders, but for the consumer it has been an unmitigated disaster.
There is little point in following the advice of government ministers (who have their own agenda on this issue) and those misguided people who actually believe that privatised companies act in the best interest of the consumer, by switching your supplier through U-Switch to get a better deal. This is complete nonsense as all the suppliers are in the same cartel.
Unless governments are prepared to regulate in the strongest ways possible against these profiteering parasites, or better still take the energy supply industry back into public ownership, the obscenity of consumer exploitation will remain.