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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Jersey: A culture of secrecy, intrigue.conspiracy lies.

 FORMER Senator Stuart Syvret risks being jailed for contempt of court

Stuart Syvret defies Royal Court

Sinister developments are evolving in Jersey. There has long been a culture of secrecy, intrigue and conspiracy on the island of Jersey, particularly in the investigations and subsequent coverup of Historic child abuse, not only at Haute de la Garrene, but at numerous other locations around Jersey's 45 square miles. Questions have been asked in Parliament, investigations have been carried out by mainland police, a few minor players in the scandal have been brought to trial and sentence. and "The States", (the islands Parliament) has made a few half hearted attempts to appear concerned by initiating "inquiries".
There has also been the insidious campaign of character assassination and smear against people such as Lenny Harper, Graham Power, both being police officers who investigated the scandal and certain members of the States Chamber who brought the matter of child abuse in Jersey into the public domain. Notable amongst these members is Stuart Syvrett who has been driven from office, arrested and jailed for a short period.
Recently, the judicial system of Jersey, the Jersey States and the shadowy figures of the Jersey "establishment" have collectively created an environment where reporting of events, comment and reports naming any individual are severely restricted or in the case of naming names, completely banned. This is not only a draconian restriction on the freedom of the press (which in Jersey is very much pro establishment in any case) but is also contrary to every understanding of freedom of speech. Witness this latest attack, again on Stuart Syvrett, for postings on his own blog site "Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret Blog ". It is noticeable that even the report from "This is Jersey" the news feature section of the Jersey Evening Post is a little scant on detail.
This comes at the same time that further delays are announced with the long awaited Historic Child Abuse inquiry set up by the States last year due to Sally Bradley QC having to withdraw due to ill-health.
There are clearly those elements within the "establishment" who will be grateful for yet more postponement of the time when their evil involvement in these crimes and in the subsequent and ongoing conspiracy to cover up these events. Concealing the truth and the investigation of the facts surrounding the crimes is indicative of a very sick society. Using the law to prohibit comment and criticism and conceal identities is more akin to a dictatorship. This island has probably never seen such restrictions since the end of the occupation.