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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

More absurd suggestions from the Tax Payers Alliance

Benefit Claimants Should Work For Their Dole, Taxpayers' Alliance Demands

The TPA was founded in 2004 by "a group of "libertarian" Conservatives, frustrated by what they saw as the party's decision to ditch its traditional tax cutting message."

The Tax Payers Alliance. A fringe pressure group, lurking somewhere on the right of British politics, who regularly come out with some headline or other, usually ill conceived and certainly ill-considered, seeking to grab attention and peddle what they consider may be popular with public opinion. When looked at more closely, the TPA argument is clearly unrealistic nonsense.
The number of people out of work is 2.51 million in June, according to the Office for National Statistics of which 1.4 million are actually claiming Jobseeker's Allowance.The Tax Payers Alliance offer no solution as to where these 1.4 million people will actually find the opportunity to "work" their 30 hours per week other than to mutter some vague references to "community service, charity work, approved training, work experience or "meaningful" job hunting with officials" what ever that means. It would take an awful lot of such opportunities to absorb 1.4 million people, and their 30 hours per week, (6 hours per day) would leave little time for actively seeking employment, interviews, application writing, research and all the other activities necessary to finding work.
Admittedly there are those amongst the ranks of the unemployed who have little if any intention of finding employment, but contrary to the TPA hysteria, (and the misguided perception of some sections of the public), they are only a small minority of a figure which in itself is a scandalous indictment of the failure of successive governments economic and employment policies.
The Taxpayers Alliance offer no solutions and no meaningful comment on the problems of unemployment. Their only "contribution" to the debate is rhetoric designed to promote their own platform and their absurd demonisation of unemployed people.