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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Its economic reality rather than convenience.

Home cooking in decline as low-income households turn to ready meals




This Guardian article and many of the comments on the page, clearly miss the point and the message. Buying the cheapest options on the supermarket shelves, and then changing from Tesco, Asda or one of the other major outlets, to Aldi or Netto or one of the others, is for many people today purely an economic choice. As everyday household costs increase and choices have to be made, the price paid for food often one of the first savings made. Add to this the increased number of people claiming benefits and the cutting of benefit amounts the disposable income of significant numbers of families has been drastically reduced.



There should therefore be no surprise in the phenomenal increase in the numbers of people who now have to resort to foodbanks. Almost one million people in this country today, are now reliant on the provision of food from the Foodbank charities. It has nothing to do with "being a lazy sod" or "buying whatever convenience muck the supermarkets throw at us". It is predominately to do with economic reality and the difficulties that many families face in today's great Britain.