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Saturday, 25 February 2017

A practice which should be banned from Parliamentary debate.

Tory MP in 90-minute attempt to talk out domestic violence bill
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Philip Davies: The"expert" at the filibuster 
Why would an MP of any party, (this one just again happens to be a Tory) seek to filibuster and destroy a bill demanding the ratification of a treaty on domestic violence? What hidden agenda can Philip Davies possibly have, for opposing any measures aimed at preventing violence against women and domestic violence?
It is not the first time that Davies has used the tactic of filibuster to hinder and sometimes even prevent the passage of legislation through the Commons.
He employed the odious practice to block a Bill which would have prevented landlords from evicting tenants for requesting vital repairs, a bill to compel landlords to provide accommodation fit for human habitation, a proposed bill that would have given free hospital parking to carers, and other measures, some of which were later revealed to having some connection or even interest for the member for Shipley.
The use of the filibuster is a reprehensible practice and has frequently been criticised by the Speaker (not only John Bercow) and being undemocratic and bringing the House of Commons and Parliamentary Democracy into disrepute and ridicule.
Philip Andrew Davies,Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) for Shipley in West Yorkshire, is an expert in the art of filibuster which he employs on numerous occasions. It is a practice which should be banned from the floor of the Commons.