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Sunday, 26 February 2017

John Rentoul still predicting the end of the Labour leadership

That is the end of Jeremy Corbyn, then. 

says John Rentoul of the Independent.

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John Rentoul: "Journalist"
Rentoul has been agitating, pushing and encouraging the removal of Jeremy Corbyn since the day following the Labour leadership election of September 2015. As perhaps the most high-profile defender of Tony Blair, Rentoul describes himself as "having a slavish admiration" for the former Prime Minister, which probably explains his constant and usually distorted reporting on the Labour leadership. Rentoul was a vocal and enthusiastic supporter
of Liz Kendall in the first leadership election and supported Owen Smith in the 2016 election, thus is it not difficult to see where his political preferences lie.
The article contains the usual distortion and biased slant as is common in the vast majority of John Rentoul's "articles" concerning Jeremy Corbyn.