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Monday, 6 February 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 05 February 2017

Good morning everyone

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Swing low, sweet chariot. England beat France 19 pts to 16 pts which is a flattering score line for the team in white shirts. Kicking the ball away at almost every opportunity and giving possession back to the French is a tactic which is difficult to understand.
During the course of this 6 Nations, England might play better than they did yesterday and loose.
If they are to retain the Grand Slam honour, let alone the Tripple Crown or Championship, they will have to improve their performance significantly.

Npower energy bill

The price of your electricity and gas is to be increased by as much as 15% adding an average of £109 per year to domestic bills which are already above £1100 every 12 months. That is of course if your supplier is the German owned NPower who have announced the price hike as from next month. The fuel price cartel amongst the other companies, British Gas, E.on, SSE and the others will follow suit within the next couple of weeks, so there is little point in "switching". The never ending price hikes of energy and the fallacy of "switching" suppliers.
Read the full story at: "Another price hike from a privatised foreign owned energy supplier"
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Image result for david beckham email rant

It seems that David Beckham (the former football player for those who may be living in a bubble and have never heard of the tattoo covered other half of the former Spice Girl) is a tadd miffed because he has not been given a Knighthood. Remarking about this rebuff Beckham has been ranting that it was, "A F***ing joke.”and branding the honours committee “unappreciative c***s”, all in a series of e-mails sent out by him. How strange that this UNICEF Ambassador, major contributor to numerous charitable organisations, guest speaker at many fund raising events and many other good works during and since his football career, should be so upset at being overlooked for membership of an outmoded, irrelevent and bankrupt honours system.

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Meanwhile, back in Jersey, tough new rules limiting the number of commercial fishermen who are allowed to catch bass and banning recreational anglers from keeping the fish have been introduced. I have always been puzzled by these sort of regulations, not only in Jersey but elsewhere where these unenforceable rules have been imposed. If fishermen, commercial or otherwise find Bass in their catch, are they expected to toss the dead fish back into the sea?
By 2100, seal levels around the island are predicted to rise by up to 1 metre (That's 3 feet 3 inches or so in real money). If I am still around by then, I may have to find another place to soak up the sun and watch the sea go by or risk getting my feet wet.

It has been a funny week. with rain, sunshine, cold, frost, fog, humid warmth and all points in between. No sign of snow yet (apart from that on the Somerset side of the A35) so the snow shoes and wellies, stay in the garage.

Have a nice week