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Monday, 20 February 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 19 February 2017

Good morning everyone

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Tony Blair (and who could forget him as he pushes himself into the media almost every week), entered the "Brexit" controversy this week, suggesting that those people (the majority) who voted to leave the EU did not really understand what they were voting for, and called for "millions to rise up against Brexit" adding " we have to build a movement which stretches across party lines, and devise new ways of communication.” He just fell short of demanding another referendum (but only just) as he patronised those who for many different reasons, had voted to leave the EU. His intervention on this issue, proved yet again that Blair is interested only in self and the advancement of his long held ambition to be "President of the United States of Europe". He must have been very shocked and saddened that even those MP's considered to be "Blairites" have criticised his plea for the Brexit decision to be reversed saying that his press conference and his words were "unhelpful" and that his dismissal of the referendum result is a rejection of the democratic process. Perhaps Blair will finally get the message and go back to his retirement growing roses and making millions of £ and $ or whatever currency he can get his hands on, writing his perverted version of history.

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A report in this weeks media, warned of an increase in the price of Fish and Chips in the local chippie, due to a strike by Icelandic fishermen. The thought occurred to me that this story is not really about the price of a large cod and chips. The issues are much deeper and raise questions associated with the destruction of our fishing industry over the last few decades. Men who used to fish the waters around the UK but who now stack shelves in Tesco or draw unemployment benefits.
Read the whole story at, "The destruction of another historic United Kingdom industry ". (copy and paste link)

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Older people in Weymouth and Portland, could lose the privilege of free seaside deckchairs under a council money-saving move. The lengths that some councils will sink to in order "to save money" is really breathtaking. I suppose the pensioners could stand to eat their chips or ice cream or whatever.

The weather continues to meander from very cold with frost and fog, to very mild with windows having to be left open to reduce indoor temperature. The vagaries of the British "climate" has all extremes. They are now predicting a mini heatwave in February. Ces't la vie.

Have a nice week.