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Monday, 27 February 2017

Good morning everyone

Image result for referee Romain Poite England Italy 26 feb 2017

Swing low sweet Chariot.

England 36 pts Italy 15 pts.

A game of two halves where for the first 40 minutes the Italians stood off most of the loose play, the referee ran around shouting "Tackle only...tackle only", in his French accent, (but I freely admit that his English is far superior to my non existent French) the English 15 wandered around scratching their heads in puzzled bewilderment asking referee, Romain Poite what was going on, only to be told "I am referee not coach".
See full text at (copy and paste link)

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 Two names from different worlds passed away over the weekend.
I only remember seeing Bill Paxton in two films. Titanic and Apollo 13 playing Fred Haise, lunar module pilot. In Titanic as Brok Lovet the expedition leader he had the truly memorable line "and that make you my new best friend" when speaking to Rose about "The Heart of the Ocean" diamond.

William "Bill" Paxton (May 17, 1955 – February 25, 2017[1][2]) American actor and director. R I P

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From politics, Sir Gerald Bernard Kaufman was a British Labour politician who served as a Member of Parliament first for Manchester Ardwick and then for Manchester Gorton.
One of the most recognisable Labour party MP's
Gerald Kaufman R I P.

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Why would an MP of any party, seek to filibuster and destroy a bill demanding the ratification of a treaty on domestic violence? What hidden agenda can Philip Davies possibly have, for opposing any measures aimed at preventing violence against women and domestic violence?

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Another conservative HP who certainly raised my eyebrows this week, with her instruction to the rest of us to "Stop being sentimental about child refugees". How indicative her views are of Conservative government policy on this issue is not clear, but certainly her abhorrent remarks demonstrate a callous and uncaring demeanour to a tragic situation which the United Kingdom government and Latham, chooses to ignore.
Latham went on to say that, " if children were living in “rat-infested” shelters with no mattresses in Greece, that was not Britain’s concern.
An incredible attitude

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Sky News is the limit. If at all possible, it is becoming more "Americanised" very hour.
Not content with using "Skedule" when they should use "Schedule", this week they referred to a "Lewtenant" rather than a " lieutenant". Sky news is full of people who should be working in the States rather than contaminating my television. An awful "news" channel in any case they should be closed down as to continue operating as a broadcaster is "not in the public interest".

Today it is raining, as it rained yesterday and probably will tomorrow as well. The "pundits" and weather presenters are forecasting for this week, a mini heat wave, or another storm, or snow or fog or a combination of all four depending on which channel you watch or which paper you read.
Perhaps they have all run out of seaweed,

Have a nice week.