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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Comment on a matter of public interest

Comment on a matter of public interest

 Yesterday, (Tuesday 4th December 2012) I published a comment under the heading of “Ending the media speculation” which was my reflection on the media and television coverage of the announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. It seems that there are many people who, as would be expected, do not share my opinion of the reporting of this event. That is understandable, and I have no issues with those who have a view on royalty which differs from my own. This comment was posted on “New Agenda” as well as Facebook and on the Huffington Post (under the story:Kate Middleton Pregnant: Duchess & Duke Of Cambridge Announce Baby News”).
It seems that my comments have generated hostility in some quarters. The following reply to my original text was posted in the Huffington Post from a contributor hiding under the pseudonym of “ kweendance”, who clearly does not agree with my point of view.

Do you live in Gaza, when was the last time a Jewish person tried to blow you up? I truly dislike the posts that have nothing to do with the story, just a back handed swipe from a 'we are doomed merchant.'!!.

You are obviously a bore, disinterested in our history, and from your comments a few other things as well”

It is not my usual practice to enter into lengthy exchanges with commenter’s, particularly when they hide behind nebulous identities, but in this instance I have decided to make an exception. I suppose the reasoning for taking this line that there is something disturbing about the reference to Gaza and “a Jewish person” as contained in the first sentence of the response. I have no idea whether “ kweendance” is male, female, Jew, Gentile or of any other ethnic origin, but to mention two specifics, not referred to in my original post, is a little odd.
The general tone of “kweendance” prompted me to reply:

““Well, at least you seem to read what I write thus, over coming your true dislike of the "posts that have nothing to do with the story." Perhaps I did not make the point clearly enough. The criticism was directed at the press and media, who in my opinion, have an obsession with royalty and assume that everyone else shares their enthusiasm. When, as yesterday in another story, Sky News screams that "The whole world celebrates her pregnancy", it is clearly obvious that reasoned reporting has been overtaken by hyperbole, particularly when David Cameron adds in another television interview that "The whole country will be celebrating with them this evening".
I, and I am sure many others, do not share this almost hysterical infatuation with the Royal family and suggest that there are other issues which face us at this time and should receive at least some attention.
As for your other comments, I note that the first two things mentioned in your reply are Gaza and "a Jewish person", neither of which was included in my original post. Perhaps there is some significance in your choice of these points, which you may care to expand on.
The final sentence of your note is not really worthy of response.”

It will be interesting to see how, or even if, this exchange develops.