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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The strange case of the disappearing news programme. Part 2

"Inside Out", the South West Channel Islands version, was shown on CI BBC One last night at 19:30  
(Monday 10th December 2012) and contained a 15 minute report on the Savile/Haut de la Garenne connection, together with interviews with victims, Lenny Harper and Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand.

This programme was screened last night.
It was "missing" earlier this morning leading me to speculate upon sinister activities at the BBC in cahoots with the "authorities" in Jersey. Perhaps I did, on this occasion, do them both an injustice,  for which I am truly sorry.

The content of this video, covers in the first section, more revelations on the Savile/Haut de la Garenne connection. The interview with Senator Ian Le Marquand is fascinating as he turns evasion and waffle into an art form. Unfortunately, the interviewer allows him off the hook.

We have not heard the last of the Jersey Historic Child Abuse investigation.