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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lead crystal repairs?

Dawn Crystal, Stourbridge West Midlands

We recently sent a lead crystal candle stick to Dawn Crystal in Stourbridge in West Midlands for a repair. The item was returned to us yesterday (14th December 2012) and I have just sent the following e-mail to Dawn Crystal:

Thank you for returning the repaired candlestick.

I am very disappointed with a number of aspects of your service.

1. The glass was returned without any cleaning or polishing and was covered in greasy marks and prints.
2. The repair itself was/is visible and the glass had residues of adhesive around the repaired area.
3.The packing of the item seemed to have been done in a bit of a hurry as all the original foam appeared to have been stuffed into the box without care or attention as each piece of the foam had been specifically cut to fit around individual pieces of the glass by the manufacturer.
4.The box for the item was the original box with packaging, as supplied by the manufacturing studio and bearing their logo and trade mark. Naturally the original packaging has some bearing on the intrinsic value of the item, which was purchased in France some 10 years ago. The box has been returned from you in a damaged condition having been covered with brown sticky tape, directly onto the surface of the box. You will recall that I had doubled packed the box, prior to applying sticky tape when I sent the item to you for repair. Additionally, the box seems to have been exposed to some foreign substance and is now stained in a number of places.

All in all, we are very displeased with your standard of repair and service as we considered that the repair would be done professionally rather than a shabby sticking job which we probably could have done ourselves.    


Just goes to show. A website offering a specialised service cannot always be relied upon. It was a relatively simple repair.