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Monday, 3 December 2012

The Coalition tell us that they are "creating a fairer society".

 Campaigners warn Chancellor not to freeze welfare payments to balance budget

David Cameron and George Osborne.

 George Osborne was urged tonight not to cut the deficit by reducing benefits paid to the poorest, as a coalition of charities and campaigners warned that this would be "a tragedy for millions and a travesty for the economy".

A ConDem coalition, bankrupt of policies, a chancellor bankrupt of ideas, a country reeling under disastrous government ineptitude, a nation where the divisions between the haves and the have nots grows wider with each passing day and where Tory obsession with expenditure cuts and imposition of "austerity" is seen as the only option, despite all the evidence to the contrary. There is no doubt that people in this country, will die this winter as a direct result of this governments pursuit of "austerity". In Great Britain, in the 21st Century, collections are being made at supermarkets and other gathering points, as three new "Free food banks"  open around the country every week. Even this is not enough to meet the growing necessity for this form of charity. This is a national disgrace and should bring shame on this government. The cost of basic foods, the costs of keeping warm and the cost of basic shelter is beyond the reach of thousands of people today and the numbers are rising. Cameron and Osborne, aided and abetted by Clegg are responsible for creating conditions in this country which we have not seen for many years and which in some instances are worse than those of the  the 1930's. 
Do they sleep well each night? They certainly do not deserve to.