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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Musical Chairs is part of the charade.

Hopes are high for lasting change as the Bank of England, the BBC and the Church of England welcome new heads in 2013

Mark Carney, Tony Hall and Justin Welby

 We should all, by now, have realised that this game of "musical chairs" amongst the upper strata of political/economic/religious personnel in this country is designed and implemented purely as a means to fool the rest of us into believing the old chestnut that "new brooms sweep clean".  In fact, when the music stops and all the available chairs have been grabbed, it very soon becomes abundantly clear that nothing has changed, the status quo remains and it becomes necessary for the music master to play the old record and start the whole process again. Unfortunately, there are far too many people in this land who actually believe that this charade is for the benefit of the country rather than for the ego's and self serving motives of the participants, and all part of the "control of the nation" programme.