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Saturday, 8 December 2012

We have heard it all before.

William Hague has revealed that he had seen "some evidence" that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons against rebels.

William Hague: Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons

The "evidence" that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons emanates from military and intelligence sources. These are the same “unnamed military intelligence sources”, who Robert Fisk, writing in the Independent today (Saturday 8th December 2012), describes under the acronym UMIS, that informed and warned the whole world that Saddam Hussein had, and was preparing to use, weapons of mass destruction, there after referred to as WMD. It is because of the UMIS that the credibility of people like Hague, Obama, Clinton, Cameron and before them,  Cheney, Bush, Rice and not forgetting the one and only Blair, are completely destroyed in the eyes of the vast majority of the public. It is similar to the old fable of the "Boy who cried Wolf", in the case of the UMIS the motives are far more sinister. For more than twenty years, successive western governments have been embarked on a systematic "propaganda war". This is just the latest perceived threat which, when the time is right, justify whatever actions Washington, followed blindly by London, will deem to be necessary. We have seen it all before. The hidden agenda of the west is slowly being revealed as the "evidence" from the UMIS so greedily absorbed and repeated by the politicians , becomes more and more inconceivable. Their problem of course is that more and more people are recognising the "evidence" as an implausible fabrication.