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Sunday, 23 December 2012

New year and new format for New Agenda.

Welcome to the new look New Agenda !


As the new year approaches, it seemed appropriate that "New Agenda" should have a new look. The content remains unchanged, but the background has been refreshed and there have been a few small adjustments to the format.

2013, promises to be a momentous year of change, both on the domestic scene with the political divisions within the coalition and changes to the NHS and social fabric of our society, and internationally with the continuing uncertainty within Europe and the daily heightening tension in the Middle East. The elections scheduled for January in Israel could change the dynamic between the new Palestine and the Israeli's continued expansion of their settlement building programme. While in Europe the question of Greece and the growing number of European countries seeking economic assistance remains unresolved.

2013, will be a year of significant challenges for all in the resolution of the problems already evident, but history tells us that problems will arise and sometimes from the most unlikely sources.