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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cameron's ultimatum to Putin?

Cameron tells Russia: join the club or face isolation on Syria

David Cameron and Russian President Vladimir Putin

Cameron's delusional sense of his own importance and power, should be of concern to us all. Isolated apart perhaps from Hague, on the qustion of providing arms to the Syrian rebels Cameron now threatens the Russians to "join the club" or else.
Cameron does not see the irony (or the hypocrisy) of criticising Russia for providing arms and equipment under legal contracts going back over many years, to a legitimate government of another nation (America supplying arms and equipment to Israel is conveniently ignored), and the insanely irresponsible act of providing such materiel to one or other of the rebel, or more accurately terrorist, factions of the FSA.
We also should not loose sight of the fact that the G8 is essentially no more than a talking shop which rarely, if ever, produces anything of any value to the nations of the world and contributes little to resolve any of the conflicts around the globe.