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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The PA protecting Israeli settlements.



Israel builds settlements, PA guards them.

PLO official Nabil Shaath threw a bombshell this week when he told Israeli reporters in Ramallah that the Palestinian Authority (PA) spends a large portion of its meager budget on guarding Israeli colonies against possible attacks by Palestinian resistance fighters.

Why on earth should the PA spend even one penny on guarding illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine? The "settlers" destroy irrigation systems and other infrastructure, they uproot crops and olive groves, they attack Palestinians in their own homes and they burn villages, all the while protected by the occupying thugs of the Israeli defence Force.


Their whole campaign of violence and terror is designed to force the Palestinians off their lands and to absorb even more of Palestine into "Greater Israel".
The PA is is doing no service to Palestine with this misguided betrayal of the Palestinian people. 
Fatah spokespersons said PLO official Nabil Shaath was trying to tell the Israeli public that the PA was doing all it could to keep the peace and honor signed agreements with Israel.A futile gesture in the face of Israeli barbarism.