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Thursday, 13 June 2013

The US and the UK making a bad situation even worse.

William Hague Says World Must 'Do More' For Syria After Talks With John Kerry

William Hague John Kerry
Hague and Kerry

It seems that most Syrians support the Government. I spent some time in Syria back in the 1980's and I had the distinct impression that the same was true then. Hafez al-Assad was ruthless, but was generally supported by the people. Bashar al-Assad is not the man his father was, but seems to enjoy more support than the western leaders and the media are prepared to acknowledge.

Bashar al-Assad

Hafez al-Assad


The Syrian civil war is a tragedy and we should have no part of it. The enthusiasm of the United states, Great Britain and France to become involved demonstrates the cynical and hypocritical attitude of the west towards the countries of the Middle east.
In "New Agenda", following a speech by John Kerry, I wrote on June 1st that,
"Again, it seems that Israel and its dominant position in the region is the key and guiding factor and is infinitely more important to the west, than the lives of Syrian civilians being killed every day and the atrocities that are always part of any civil war."
Hague and Kerry "doing more" would only make a bad situation infinitely worse.