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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What has been achieved during the past 12 years ?

Taliban And US Officials To Meet In Doha For Afghanistan Peace Talks

Taliban spokesman in Qatar
The opening of the Taliban Political Office, in Doha,

 What has actually been achieved during the 12 years since the United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 ? The answer of course is not very much. The Americans, (forget the ISAF and NATO labels, this was always an American escapade), have learned what numerous other countries have learned throughout history, that no foreign invasion has ever had a successful outcome (from the invaders viewpoint) in Afghanistan. Regardless of the announcements by Bush, and others over the years, to the effect that victory was imminent or had actually been achieved,the fighting and the killings, and the suicide bombers and the IED's continue on a daily basis.Even on the day that these "talks" were announced, 4 American soldiers were killed during an attack on Bagram airbase and a  spokesman at the new Taliban office in Doha has told Al-Jazeera that attacks on US targets will continue.

Barack Obama & David Cameron at the G8 Summit.
Obama &  Cameron at the G8 Summit
The empty rhetoric of the United States, echoed by Cameron, heralding the "Peace talks" masks the reality of the situation. The puppet Afghan government and the Americans with their allies, are not in any position to "demand" anything or to impose preconditions. For Cameron to draw parallels between  the position in Afghanistan and the peace process in Northern Ireland is fallacious in the extreme. There can be no comparison between the two.  In the 12 years since the  invasion and subsequent occupation there have been more than 400 British service personnel killed, with many more maimed, thousands of other servicemen and women from the countries making up the NATO forces have been killed or wounded and countless thousands of Afghan civilians, men women and children, have died in attacks and counter attacks by one side or the other.
At the conclusion of the Doha talks, the resulting position will show little difference to that which existed in 2001. We should recognise that the talks are little more than an  exercise to allow the West to withdraw its forces while saving as much face as possible.
The real cost of this adventure into Afghanistan has been very high with little if any result.Bush and Blair should reflect on this when writing their versions of history in their memoirs.