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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Stuart Hall Jailed For 15 Months

Paedophiles Like Hall Do Not Deserve Lenience

Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall receives a sentence of only 15 months which in effect means that he could be released in 6 months or even, under certain circumstances, four. The sentence it seems took into account the fact that he pleaded guilty. It has also emerged that, presumably, as part of "the deal", a more serious charge of rape was dropped. It has further been suggested that the 14 counts on which Hall was convicted was only part of a significantly higher number of charges which were not brought. 
The sentence was indeed very lenient.
Sky News Presenter Anna Botting

A more disturbing observation and comment came on last nights (17th June) Sky News programme during the paper review at 10:30pm. Anna Botting actually said that the offences committed by Hall came at the "lower end" of the list of sexual offences and for this reason, coupled with the fact that Hall is 83 years old, the sentence was "reasonable". It seems that Botting believes that there is some sort of rating system for sex crimes in order of seriousness, and that advancing years of the offender should be a factor in consideration of sentence to be handed down. The fact that one of Hall's victims was however,was only nine at the time of the assault has no standing in Botting's judgement.
Hall should have been given 15 years rather than 15 months.