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Sunday, 16 June 2013

The preparations for intervention gather pace.

 David Cameron Says UK Will Work With Syria Rebels, Despite 'Deeply Unsavoury' Elements.

David Cameron says that there are "deeply unsavoury elements within the anti-Assad forces", and yet blunders on with his and Hague's compulsion to provide weapons and aid to the "rebels". British and American troops are now in Jordan "close" to the Syrian border and "special advisers" are already inside Syria providing assistance to one or more of the numerous factions of the FSA. Despite the rhetoric to the contrary, a no fly zone or zones will be imposed sooner rather than later, with all the inherent perils of escalation.  

David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague
The western powers, namely the United States and Great Britain, are gearing up for a full scale intervention in Syria and are preparing their respective peoples to accept the inevitability of another middle eastern military conflict in the name of "peace and democracy", with "using chemical weapons against his own people" as a shabby and discredited excuse. This is hypocrisy of the first order. I have argued on previous occasions that we, the United Kingdom, should have no part in the impending folly of intervention. Cameron has undertaken to provide Parliament with an opportunity for a debate, and presumably a vote, on the whole question of United Kingdom involvement in the Syrian civil war. The last time that such a debate took place, just prior to the invasion of Iraq, the Commons were fed a concoction of lies, distortions and exaggerations by the then government in order for Britain to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with America in its middle east ambitions. Our MP's must take care not to be deceived again.