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Friday, 14 June 2013

The start of another intervention.

Obama Authorizes Sending Weapons To Syrian Rebels



 "Uncle Sam" paving the way for yet another intervention in a Middle East country. First, a "No fly zone" around the Lebanon,Israel borders extending into Syria and another around the Turkish Syrian border under the guise of "NATO". This lunacy, enthusiastically endorsed by the UK and France, would provide the environment for the un interrupted arming of one or more of the splintered factions of the "rebels" opposed to the Syrian government. It would then not be too long before covert western "special advisers" could be supplemented with regular troops.

Barak Obama
William Hague with John Kerry

We seem to learn nothing from history. The ambiguous "War on terror" in Afghanistan and the futile search for "WMD" in Iraq are but two examples of how the foreign policy of the United States, blindly followed by Blair and now Hague and Cameron, has resulted in disastrous consequences for both the peoples of those lands and the military personnel sent to fight there.The motivations for intervention in Syria may differ from those which drove the previous debacles, but the effects could be even more calamitous.