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Friday, 1 August 2014

Israel has a very warped understanding of "a ceasefire"

Gaza ceasefire collapses as fighting breaks out after two hours

Peter Lerner, Israeli Defense Forces spokesman

Peter Lerner of the IDF has been on television saying how the Israeli's were attacked this morning by Palestinians in Gaza. An event which apparently led to the breakdown of the ceasefire.
It seems that the IDF were "sitting on their hands" and were only destroying a series of tunnels which they had discovered near Raffah, when they became engaged in a firefight with Hammas.
Lerner says that the ceasefire agreement alows Israel to continue to destroy tunnels, rockets and other infrastructure while the 72 hour truce is in operation.
Has anyone ever heard of a ceasefire which allows one side to continue with its aggression, while the other side is expected to remain totally passive and subserviant?
Probably not and neither has Peter Lerner, Israeli Defence Forces spokesman.