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Friday, 15 August 2014

Mark Simmonds Quits Saying Expenses Are Too Low

Foreign Office minister Mark Simmonds quits his post because expenses are too low.

Couple: Mr Simmonds received a ministerial salary of £89,435, an allowance of around £28,000 to rent a property in London and pays his wife Lizibeth (pictured together) up to £25,000 in her role as his office manager
Mark Simmonds MP with wife Lizibeth

 An incredible whinge from a man who finds it difficult to exist on a salary of £137,500 per year, plus expenses for wife, 2nd home in London, subsidised food and drink in the Commons, secretarial and office equipment expenses and anything else he can add to his expenses claim form.
At least that is one nose out of the trough as he is standing down.
The bad news is that another nose will replace him.

Simmonds claimed: 
£137,426.92 payroll
£13,005.38 office costs 
£5,910.00 staffing expenses 
£25,000 employing his wife Lizbeth as his office manager
(with acknowledgement to Guido Fawkes' Blog)