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Sunday, 31 August 2014

The European Union, NATO and the unfolding conflict in Ukraine.

EU summit seeks to show it backs Kiev


Pro Russia militia in Ukraine

Why is NATO with its mouthpiece Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the European Union, with as many mouth pieces as there are member states and not quite behind the scenes, the ringmaster United States, engineering a confrontation with Russia?
Rasmussen bleats that it is unacceptable for "foreign" troops to be in another country's territory and yet fails (presumably) to see the irony with the comparison to Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria. E U Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, mumbles that, "it isn't too late for a political solution", presumably with the implied threat that E U troops would go trundling over the border grab Ukraine (Unlikely, just looked what happened the last time a European "leader" had the same idea). All the while in the background some 3000 miles away, the neoconservative planners in the Whitehouse and in the Pentagon, move steadily towards their ultimate objective of absorbing Ukraine into their tangle of nations collectively known as NATO.

NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen

The television and media coverage for this American written script, ensures that the image of the Russian "Bear" Putin, is given prominence in this almost constant ratcheting up of tensions, fear and mistrust in the minds and opinions of the public, particularly in Europe who see this manufactured threat to their homes and safety as a stark reality. In fact, the threat is almost as real as the threat of Islamic State tanks and jihadist fighters sweeping across Europe and invading the UK.
The reasons for this constant scaremongering from the western governments is to (a) ultimately absorb Ukraine into NATO and to  (b) create an atmosphere of concern and fear in the people of Europe thereby generating yet another justification for the introduction of even more oppressive control legislation in their respective countries.The problem that the governments of the west now face is being able to find a balance between what the people will actually believe and tolerate, as against the "Boy who cries Wolf" syndrome, but in trying to find that balance, the western governments are losing.