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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Allegations demand to be investigated.

 Police investigating an allegation against Sir Cliff Richard 


Cliff Richard

The allegations and rumours concerning Cliff Richard have been circulating for many years.
We now see the start of the diversionary campaign from the "Save Cliff Richard from investigation" society determined it seems to nullify any investigation even before it may (or may not) start.
If allegations are made, particularly in the light of the cover ups and conspiracies on other present cases, such allegations demand to be thoroughly investigated.
The fact that police arrived at one of Richard's homes unannounced is actually neither here nor there.
However, the author of the article, Geoffrey Robertson, resorts to emotive and unreasonable rhetoric with phrases such as "orchestrating massive publicity for the raid on his house" and "an Englishman’s home (was) his castle" and " treating Cliff Richard as though he were a bank robber or a mass murderer" is complete nonsense and demonstrates only a motivation to divert attention rather than seek the fact.
The allegation(s) must be investigated to determine the facts one way or the other. Spurious rantings and diversionary articles from "friends" will contribute nothing.