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Monday, 25 August 2014

Crime comes to Litton Cheney

A small village in the Dorset countryside.

"Main Street" Litton Cheney.


There are some really nasty people wandering around. Last night, a thief stole a wrought iron table and two wrought iron chairs from our front garden.
The furniture had been sitting in front of our cottage for around 7 years, in fact it is even shown in the Google street view. It is unlikely that anyone in the village would have stolen this furniture as it has become a bit of a landmark for people giving directions to others.
In the unlikely, (though not impossible), event that the thieving b*****d who stole these items reads this comment, my wife and I hope that you enjoy the use of the chairs and table, especially when having a snack or afternoon tea when we sincerely wish that you choke on the sandwich or biscuit. Give us a ring and we will pop round to see that you are all right.