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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Care UK pay no Corporation Tax, but reduce employees wages by 35%

Fifty carers for disabled began action nearly seven weeks ago after Care UK reduced pay by up to 35%

Doncaster Care UK workers

Another example, as if more were needed, of a "privatisation" sale resulting in the cutting of workers salaries in order to maximise profit.
Privatisation has never, and never has, had anything to do with "driving costs down and improving services" It is always about the greed of the private equity-backed firms taking over public services and either asset stripping or cutting wages and salaries.
In this case another part of our NHS has been sold off, this time to Care UK, whose former chairman Lord Nash is now a government minister. Care UK and a partner Company, Silver Sear, have "tax-efficient" financial structures in the Channel Islands and Luxembourg where Silver Sea is domiciled.


The workforce of Care UK deserve all our support in their struggle for a dent living wage and their opposition to pay cuts.

It should also be noted that Care UK have not paid one penny in Corporation tax since 2010.