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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Diversions, Delays and a 1992 Ballad.

Cliff Richard fans bid to get 'I Still Believe In You' to number one 

 Fans are campaigning to get his 1992 ballad “I Still Believe In You” to number one.


 The Cliff Richard "incident" is fast descending into the world of farce. As more big names from all walks of celebrity life, show business, politics, media and even television lead the clamour of protest from the "man in the street" about how the raid on one of the homes of Cliff Richard was carried out, it seems that the investigation is turning into allegations of police heavy handedness, BBC conspiracy and contrived complaints. It is debatable whether the same degree of protectionism would have been evident had it been  "Joe Soap", of Peabody Buildings, East Cheap (with apologies to any person of that name or address, as no connection is intended or implied) who had his home raided and "certain items" taken away.

It now seems that Cliff Richard has hired London solicitor Ian Burton, who has represented people including Harry Redknapp, PR agent Max Clifford, and former Harrods owner Mohamed Al-Fayed.
Burton together with a colleague, visited Richard at another of the Pop Stars homes, this one in Portugal, and spent some 5 hours in meeting before returning to the United kingdom.
The allegations concerning Cliff Richard have been circulating for many years and not only on the internet but, as far as we are aware, this is the first instance of the police being involved in any investigation.

What is puzzling is the speed at which the BBC/police collaboration stories came to the fore, and the ferocity of the criticism filling the media and television, with cries of "witch hunt" calls for a public enquiry into the police handling of the incident and other "investigations" into the investigation. This seems to be verging on mass hysteria or even an orchestrated diversion. Notwithstanding all this agitation from the sidelines, the fact remains that an allegation has been made and has been followed by further "facts and information" coming forward, regarding historical sex abuse.

There is no doubt that Cliff Richard has a large fan club, both in this country and beyond, and has been an icon of the popular music scene for over 50 years. His recording work, together with appearances on television, film and personal appearances have created the image that is Cliff Richard. His charitable works and contribution to entertainment, have been recognised with a Knighthood and the OBE. However, the image should not and must not be allowed to somehow obstruct proper investigation into such serious allegations. Too often in the past, the persona of a figure in public life, be it politician, entertainer, or other "celebrity" has clouded, delayed or even prevented proper investigation. It is very easy in these circumstances, to forget that there are (alleged) victims in these cases who do not have the luxury of free publicity, legal representation, media help or other such means to present their allegations and are all too frequently ignored or otherwise silenced, for years.

It is in the best interests of all concerned, both those bringing the allegations and those who are the subject of the allegations, to have the circumstances fully investigated as soon as possible to resolve the subject one way or another.To have the matter dragged out and kicked into the long grass by those perhaps with their own agenda's, is not in the public interest, or the alleged victims nor is it even in the interest of the person against whom the allegations are being made.

It is time for those who are, by accident or more probably design, creating spurious delays and diversions, allow the investigation to proceed and be brought to a speedy conclusion.