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Saturday, 20 December 2014

A nation divided


13m will spend £1.2bn on 'Panic Saturday', but 13m others across the country will spend this Christmas in poverty


Black Friday, an American shopping frenzy, has arrived on our shores. Just what exactly is it and is it worth the the hype? (GETTY)the vulnerable will vote 

In the first quarter of the 21st Century, it is a scandal and a disgrace that 13 million people are, no matter what measurement you choose to employ in establishing that figure, living in poverty in this country today. Over 1 million families reliant on Food-banks and other charities, 1 million in child poverty, hundreds of thousands of people homeless, or in inadequate accommodation, many people actually in work who earn less than the minimum wage or are on zero hour contracts, having to claim benefits, which are being further reduced by government cuts, are indicative of a fractured nation. This is a situation which has been created and exacerbated by successive administrations, and is an indictment of a political philosophy, where the “Markets”, the city and the interests of business are infinitely more important than the concept of society and the social welfare of the country. It is the collective shame of a nation where greed and self interest, fuelled and encouraged by career politicians in Westminster and reprehensible reporting from some parts of the media and television, have become a “norm” and an acceptable aspect of many sections of British society.In the first part of the 21st Century we, as a nation, have progressed little since the traumas of the last 100 years and are in many aspects of life, returning to squalor and deprivation not seen since the 1930's