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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The struggle for statehood continues despite the hostility of some and the acquiescence of others.

UN security council rejects Palestinian statehood bid

The UNSC votes against a Palestinian resolution calling for an end to Israeli occupation and for independent Palestine

The Americans can, as always, be relied upon to support the Israeli's no matter what the issue may be, for Israel can do no wrong.
The Australians, contrary to all public option, press and media coverage, support the Americans and vote against the Palestinian peoples desire for statehood.
The United Kingdom, again contrary to large sections of British public opinion, join Rwanda, Nigeria, Lithuania, and South Korea in sitting on the fence and doing nothing. These countries perched on the railings, have abdicated their responsibilities towards Palestine and the possibility of achieving any form of settlement in the region, but have secured for themselves the continuing favour of "Uncle Sam".
The duplicity of abstention, gives a veneer of respectability to a distorted UN Security Council vote, suggesting that of the countries represented on UNSC, 7 were opposed to Palestinian statehood. The fact that the United States would have, in any event, exercised their "veto" to defeat the motion, makes a mockery of the process. Had the vote been 13 to 2 in favour, but in any case defeated with the US veto, at least the United States and Australia would have been isolated and exposed as the supporters of Israel and the continuing occupation of Palestine and the barbaric blockade of Gaza.,
History will judge Israel as a cruel and inhuman aggressor, and those who support them by deed or acquiescence, as co-conspirators and equally guilty