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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A scandal which continues to grow.

People turn to foodbanks to feed their families over Christmas

Foodbank volunteers

"Hundreds of people (in Dorset,) will be turning to foodbanks to feed their families this Christmas.
Instead of turkey with all the trimmings, hard-pressed families will be serving up tinned and dried foods this festive season."  Dorset Echo: 23rd December 2014.

Just one small part of scandal which has grown vastly over the past 5 years. In this country today, there are over 1 million people who are reliant on Food banks or other food charities, to feed their families this Christmas. The figure has grown significantly since last Christmas and shows no sign of reducing anytime soon. It is a scandal and a disgrace, which should shame us all for allowing such a situation to come about.
The Foodbank charities and the volunteers working in them are doing a magnificent job in trying to alleviate the hardship.The contributions of food and other essentials in supermarkets, shops and other retail outlets, together with the contributions handed in at the charity centres, are providing an invaluable source of relief for hard pressed families.
It is to the credit of all those people who contribute regularly or occasionally, that the spirit of "community" remains in some sections of society.