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Sunday, 7 December 2014

The renaissance of "New Labour" with Umunna at the helm?

Tony Blair wants Chuka Umunna to be the next Labour leader

Chuka Umunna

Tony Blair

The "Blairite" right emerge from the woodwork to promote another career politician/lawyer to take up where Blair left off. The destruction of the Labour party was essentially complete when Blair, Mandelson,Campbell and the others crawled off into their burrows to plot and scheme while reading their bank statements. Chuka Umunna fits very nicely into the mould and could complete the task commenced by the triumvirate and firmly fix the Labour party in that pro business, pro establishment, laying only slightly to the left of the Tory extremists who have ruled this country for the last 5 years.
Working people, the sick, pensioners and benefit claimants and vast sections of British society will of course, remain ignored, unrepresented and disillusioned with the Westminster elite and the Commons "Old School tie" club.
Blair may see the renaissance of his "New Labour" with his disciple Umunna leading it, but it will be the ordinary people of this country who will pay the price.