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Sunday, 28 December 2014

The struggle to find sufficient food.

 Millions of Britons struggling to feed themselves and facing malnourishment


Foodbanks relying on donations of food.

On December 20th, I blogged on the bigoted generalisations, unfortunately, all too common in today's greedy, selfish and prejudiced society, in respect of attitudes towards the poor, foodbanks, child poverty and the general demonisation of large sections of our society, by those all too ready to accept and believe the propaganda trotted out from the pages of the Daily Mail, Telegraph and other such rags, and the completely biased reporting of Wilcox and others on the BBC with Brazier and Boulton on the British version of Fox News. The “success” of divisive social policies maintained by successive governments, have now become the “flagship” of this current ConDem coalition and have been enhanced and expanded by the DWP to effect more and more people.

This “Independent” article, emphasises just one aspect of the wider scandal, and yet still manages to draw venomous, spiteful and mostly inaccurate remarks from many people responding in the “comments” section. I am the first to admit that there may well be a few cases of abuses of the Foodbanks and other charities, but with the controls and referral procedures in place, these abuses comprise a minute number of the over 1 million people who now rely on their three times in 12 months food allocation to feed themselves and their families.

Perhaps some of those people who have such negative and bigoted opinions on the issues of poverty and foodbanks may soon find their personal circumstances change significantly and through no fault of their own, are forced to join the ranks of Foodbank users. It will be interesting to see their attitudes and remarks published in the “comments” columns then.