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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Miliband, drifting even further to the right.

Ed Miliband vows to wield the axe on public services to balance books

Ed Miliband will cut the budgets of most Whitehall departments

A statement of intent, indicating how far away from its traditional supporters and its traditional principles the Labour party has drifted. Miliband seeks to grab power in the "centre ground" as did Blair, and to hell with the ordinary people who historically have relied on the Labour Party and the trade Union movement to provide some alternative and redress from the excesses of Conservative policies and the exploitation by businesses and business interests in this country. The "Centre ground" is populated by Tories, Liberal Democrats, business interests and others, seeking only to perpetuate their own existence by persuading everyone that they are the only ones offering a solution to a problem which they themselves, together with their friends in the city, not least of all the banking sector. have created.
Their reliance on the hysteria, myth and negative smear generated by the media and television and depending which way the "media barons" happen to be leaning this week. usually ensures that one or other of the "main Westminster Parties", will secure for themselves another 5 years membership of that very exclusive Westminster club where the salaries are high, the "perks" are plentiful and the expenses provide a bottomless pit of public money for those “necessities of life” such as second homes, heating for the stables, moat cleaning, restaurant bills, state of the art entertainment systems, tablet computers and other electronic toys, salaries for relatives working as researchers in constituency offices and all the other obscene claims which have littered the expenses office over the last few years.
It is not service to the people of the United Kingdom which is the driving force and motivation for seeking elected office in the Commons. It is the incentive of office, financial gain, image and position which puts the vast majority of these 650 individuals on the road to becoming the career politician. They will say and do what ever is expedient in order to achieve this goal and the day after election day will revert to their task of ensuring that their little bubble is safely insulated from the reality of life outside Parliament. In this regard Miliband is exactly the same as the rest. The pursuit and occupation of the "centre ground" proves that they are all the same once the achieve power.