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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Hypocrisy is not truth

France to hold emergency meeting to avert future terror attacks




There is little worse than hypocrisy. The Western governments have for many years been engaged in the most crass form of hypocritical explanations of their actions, particularly in the Middle East. These governments pass laws which marks criticism of Jews as anti semetic and a criminal offence and yet defends criticism of Muslims as "Free speech". These governments condone the killing of thousands of Palestinians, men, women and children in Gaza with the cliche of "Israel has the right to defend itself". They defend the excesses and barbarism of the IDF in the occupied territories, demolishing homes, destroying crops and infrastructure and the killing of demonstrators as part of the "war on terror" preventing suicide bombers and "rocket attacks". The hypocrites of western governments promote division, bigotry and intolerance in order to advance their own perverse objectives. The great tragedy is that many people in the west are all too ready to accept warped hypocrisy as truth.