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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The bias and hypocrisy of the BBC

Tim Willcox apologises to daughter of Holocaust survivor at Paris rally for saying 'Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well

Tim Willcox


I am not a great fan of Tim Willcox, and have frequently been very critical of his bias and general manner both in his reporting and news presentation.
However, why should he be forced to apologise or even resign for a remark which is demonstrably true and echo's what many people believe to be the hypocrisy of western values when discussing the question of Palestine.
The BBC again demonstrates their corporate bias and hypocrisy, this time directed at one of their own reporting staff. Clearly the concept of "Freedom of Speech" has been conveniently overlooked and emphasises the point that the BBC and other bodies, consider criticism of Jews as anti semetic (and a criminal offence) and yet defend criticism of Muslims as "Free speech".
The BBC, and its managing body, should apologise to Tim Willcox for their hypocrisy and implied defence of Jewish atrocities against Palestinians, but some how I think that such an admission will not occur.