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Sunday, 18 January 2015

The triumph of hypocrisy and hysterical rhetoric.

The governments of the west, preparing us for what is becoming an inevitable clash of civilisations.

The governments in the West, particularly those of France, the United kingdom and the United States, are out of control and the media and television, so eager to absorb the latest round of “updates” emanating from the government propaganda machine, vie with each other to produce the most sensational or vivid headlines for the next edition or the next news broadcast on their channel.
In this respect, the media have done a first class job in persuading vast sections of the people, that the “threat” of Islamic extremism is so severe so as to warrant even more restrictions on individual civil liberties and to justify the proposition that government agencies, should without any checks, controls or balances, be able to monitor all forms of communications between people, by fax, e-mail, Skype links, telephone or any other means. In addition to this, government agencies are forcing Internet providers to be part of this population monitoring and to collaborate with the “security” organisations to provide the means to carry out this surveillance by passing on any information or data that the security services may require. The Gestapo, Stasi, BOSS, MOSSAD, NKVD and many other State Police or security organisations would or would have coveted such powers.
The reasons for these government initiatives, at this time may be explained by Carl Gustav Jung and his theory of “synchronicity”. The occurrence of the two or more events that appear to be meaningfully related but not causally related in this instance, could be the publication of cartoons in the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, the terrorist attacks on the magazine offices and the Jewish supermarket and the hysterical eruption of outrage and grief in the media and on television screens around Europe and the world. Two or more events coming together at a point in time and providing the means or the opportunity for another related but not necessarily connected event.
In simple terms, the media, encouraged and fueled by governments, is pouring out the most crass and provocative attack on Islam and engaging in the most blatant hypocritical rhetoric.
Hiding behind the guise and excuse of “Freedom of Speech” the press and western government “leaders” demonstrate how freedom of speech applies only in one direction. Criticize or mock Jews and the cry of “Anti Semitic” immediately echo's around the streets and screams in the media, and many Jews not only in Israel are very keen to play the holocaust card which seeks to arouse the collective guilty conscience that too many people still carry. Israel is planning to demand an apology for a controversial cartoon mocking Benjamin Netanyahu which appeared in a British newspaper. Where is the consistency and balance of that? Or a Dutch court imposing a fine and 2 year probation order on the Belgium and Netherlands-based Arab European League for publishing a cartoon suggesting the Holocaust was made up or exaggerated by Jews. When handing down the sentence, the court stated that the cartoon was “unnecessarily hurtful.” Clearly, the principle of “Free Speech” is a one way street.   
Under the smokescreen of demonstrations, counter demonstrations, the “Je suis Charlie” the “Je suis Palestine” Western leaders gather in Paris for a photo opportunity under the banner of supporting “Free Speech”. Only when viewed from another angle is it possible to see that the “photograph” shows that the “world leaders” are in fact surrounded by security people and are completely segregated from the main demonstration.

There is a sinister and very worrying trend that has been growing over recent years and has almost reached fever pitch over the last week. “Anti terrorist” raids are taking place all over Europe with police and security forces on the streets of our towns and cities, guarding “vulnerable” targets. Special security meetings are taking place for governments to discuss and implement new security measures designed to combat the “terrorist threat” to national security. There is little doubt that there exists a threat of terrorism but there is also little doubt that the current threat is exaggerated.
The situation in the United Kingdom now, is not the same as when the IRA bombing campaign brought “The troubles” to the streets of Manchester, London, Coventry and many other towns on mainland Britain.
The governments of the west, are embarked upon a programme of preparation for what is fast becoming an inevitable clash of civilisations. A new “Crusade” against Islamic nations and peoples, using the justification of a “War on Terror” as the means to effectuate public support for such an enterprise. In this respect, the television and media are playing an enthusiastically supportive role with almost daily stories and features cranking up the Islamic threat. In many ways, today’s media is reminiscent of the German Press of September 1939 using hysterical rhetoric to justify an attack on Poland.
We have reached a very dangerous time in our history. The world is polarising between Islamic and non Islamic nations and this polarisation is clearly reflected in our own society. The voices of moderation and reason are being silenced by the sounds of sabre rattling and preparation for battle.
The years of hypocritical rhetoric from western governments seems to have prevailed and aided by the press and media, has conditioned many people to accept deception as truth.
We are still able to avert the impending tragedy, but time is running out.