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Monday, 5 January 2015

The people of Greece face more intimidation as the election on January 25th draws near.

Alexis Tsipras or Antonis Samaras? Greece begins to weigh up the options



Antonis Samaras
SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras

On Sunday, 17 June 2012, in response to a Daily Mail article, I wrote the following comment in the news paper, and posted it on the pages of my Blog, Hew Agenda”.

“When fear is employed as a weapon to influence voters, it is obvious that the scaremongers are very worried.
European leaders yesterday piled pressure on Greek voters to reject Left-wing parties threatening to rip up the country’s bailout deal – a move that could leave the euro on the brink of collapse." They now use fear as a weapon to conserve their untenable positions. The "European leaders" who in collaboration with the banks,the IMF, the speculators of the markets, caused and perpetuated this whole mess in the first place, and incidentally got very fat in the process, "PILE PRESSURE ON GREEK VOTERS" to elect New Democracy or any other party who will continue to impose austerity. These same "European leaders" who have no concept of the reality of austerity but theorise on the measures to enforce it, over one or more of their innumerable banquets at their endless stream of "crisis meetings". Their time would be better employed discussing austerity while standing in the queue waiting for a handout at one of the numerous soup kitchens in Athens. I sincerely hope that the Greek voters tell these "European leaders" that "enough is enough, austerity is the price of your incompetence and self interests", and elect Syriza.

It now seems that after the intervening 30 or so months since those last elections, the people of Greece are faced with the same situation. Threats and intimidation from the European Union, soon no doubt to be joined by Christine Lagarde and the other voices of coercion from the offices of the IMF, all directed towards the objective of ensuring that the Greek people elect a government which will maintain the status quo and unquestioningly, carry out the instructions of Jean-Claude Juncker and the Brussels cabal, and with the IMF lurking in the background. The Greek ruling class with the backing of the mandarins in Brussels, Berlin and the IMF in Washington, managed to secure a narrow victory which satisfied the vested interests of the banks, the speculators and the Angela Merkel led Troika, at the cost of even more austerity and hardship being enforced onto the Greek people.
On January 25th, the people of Greece have another opportunity to throw off the biting austerity perpetuated by New Democracy and its partner, the socialist Pasok who have caused the country’s great economic and social crisis. Provided that the electorate resist the threats and intimidation from outside, we will see the election of Syriza and its leader Alexis Tsipras.

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