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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Obey the Troika. No matter what the ballot box may say ?


Greece's experiment with the radical left is doomed to failure (says Sean O'Grady of the "Independent" )

Syriza party and its leader Alexis Tsipras gain decisive national election victory,


This Sean O'Grady "article" seems to be yet another piece of journalistic nonsense which is, unfortunately, becoming very common in the Independent over recent months.
The article argues that countries have no option but to succumb to the power of Brussels, Germany and the IMF. Countries must obey the will of the Troika, no matter what the people of the country may seek. The natural evolution of this proposition of course, is to dispense with elections completely,(whether they be FPTP or PR) disband or even outlaw political parties and organisation and accept that the "will" of the centre be it in Berlin or Brussels will dictate to the rest of us what we may think or do, and how we must act. In Berlin in 1933, another political leader made a speech extolling how the people of Germany and subsequently Europe must obey and succumb to the will of the centre. Perhaps this form of political leadership may appeal to Sean O'Grady and others at the Independent, but I for one want no part of it. Countries and the people within it must resist or capitulate. Perhaps I may soon join KS and I am sure many others, in the exodus of readers from the "independent".