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Sunday, 21 June 2015

A magnificent beach with surf, numerous rocks, caves and rock pools

   A fabulous aerial shot of Plémont on the North Coast of Jersey.

aerial shot of Plémont

A very favourite beach. Off to the left of the picture is the place where we spent many hours amongst the caves, rocks and rock pools after the tide went out.
One afternoon as the tide was coming in with some quite big surf, I was standing in the water facing the beach (with back to the incoming surf, yes, very silly I know) talking to my wife who was still on the beach. She failed to mention a big one she had noticed coming in behind me. A wave has quite a degree of power when it hits someone in the back. I eventually surfaced from beneath the foaming azure, turquoise, sparkling dark water and stood dripping wet and breathing hard. She was doubled up with laughter and was still chuckling about the incident for days afterwards. In fact she can still smile about it now.