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Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Guardian seems to have buried its head in the sand.

Labour leadership hopefuls clash but no clear winner in first televised debate 


The Labour leadership candidates at the BBC debate.
The Labour leadership candidates the first televised hustings on Newsnight



What ever programme Patrick Wintour, Nicholas Watt and Rowena Mason were actually watching, it is very clear that it was not the BBC Newsnight special "Labour leadership hustings" that I watched..
It is very rare for me to agree with "The Telegraph", but in this mornings report (Labour leadership hustings: Jeremy Corbyn wows audience with Left-wing agenda) they are absolutely right, commenting that, "Fears of centrist Labour MPs and aides appear to be realised as far-Left candidate helped onto ballot gets most positive reaction during TV debate."

I watched the BBC Newsnight special "Labour leadership hustings", last night and it was clear at least from this audience reaction, that Jeremy Corbyn has more support amongst the public than the media, the Tories and certainly many of the Parliamentary Labour Party, are prepared to acknowledge.
There are people around the country and not only many Labour Party members, who have been longing for a voice against austerity, against the status quo of political life, a voice calling for a government which works for people rather than for vested interests.
Jeremy Corbyn is such a voice as was amply demonstrated last night. The other candidates should take heed of what Corbyn said and the audience reaction to it.