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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Brussels throws insults at the Greeks, as the deadline arrives.

Athens has just one day to find €1.6bn as it edges nearer euro exit

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been branded reckless and a feckless liar by EU leaders

The powers of the IMF, Brussels, the European Central Bank and European Commission now with the added weight of Barak Obama of the United States and Li Keqiang the Premiere of China, pile the pressure onto the Greek people to capitulate to the demands and ultimatum of Merkel, Lagarde and Jean-Claude Juncker.

Jean-Claude Juncker appealed to Greeks to vote Yes in the referendum
Jean-Claude Juncker appealed to Greeks to vote Yes in the referendum

Make no mistake. The European Union is operated for the benefit of financiers, bankers and business interests and has little if anything, to do with peace and stability in Europe or the well being of the 500 million or so ordinary people who live within its borders. Any member country government who has the audacity to question the governing body in Brussels, or reject the autocracy of the IMF, the ECB and European Commission, is swiftly brought into line with the financial power of massive "loans" wrapped with stringent "austerity" measures which benefit the rich and business of the country to the detriment of the ordinary people. That is until now. At last one country and its government have had the nerve to say "enough is enough" and to stick with that position through all the threats, insults, personal abuse and humiliation thrown at it and its people. The Greek government have made numerous attempts to reach a settlement with the IMF and Europe, all of which have been rejected by the duplicitous actions of the IMF and European "negotiators". Today, 30th June 2015, the deadline for default on the IMF loan has arrived. On Sunday the Greeks go to the polls to vote in a referendum as to whether they comply with the IMF terms and accept defeat or continue their resistance and vote "No".

Barak Obama of the United States and Li Keqiang the Premiere of China

Already, those outside the Greek borders, together with the television and other media, are piling on the pressure not only in Europe but also in Washington and Beijing (though what this situation has to do with the Americans and Chinese is open to speculation) for the Greek people to surrender and accept the "terms" and face more years of austerity and cuts to living standards. The alternative, they threaten, will be a disaster for the Greek economy. Next Sunday, July 5th 2015, will be a landmark day in European history.
There is of course another possibility. I would not be shocked or surprised to wake one morning soon, turn on the television and see a report from Athens to the effect that overnight, elements of the armed forces had taken over the government of Greece to "restore stability", suspended the constitution and would hold new elections as soon as practicable.
The United States and Europe had recognised the new administration and welcomed a return to stability.
I sincerely hope that I am wrong, but the scenario is not without precedent.