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Saturday, 13 June 2015

For how much longer can this obnoxious, ignorant and patronising news presenter appear on our screens?


Petition to sack Sky News presenter hits 35,000 after Alton Towers interview

Kay Burley. An obnoxious, ignorant and patronising woman

I first signed the "Sack Kay Burley" petition some 2 years ago after witnessing yet another of her "interviews", that time with a protester outside the Houses of Parliament. Since then, she has appeared regularly on the screens of "Sky News" (not to mention her "performance" on the Dancing on Ice show)demonstrating time after time her obnoxious, ignorant and patronising interview techniques to all. She is also frequently boorish towards other Sky News reporters and presenters. How this awful woman manages to retain employment with organisation is quite incredible. She must have something on those people at Sky responsible for the hiring and firing of staff as it certainly has nothing to do with her abilities in the role of news anchor.Were it possible to sign a petition with multi signatures, I would be first in the queue to sign again and again. The bottom line is quite clear. Sack Kay Burley now!